Action Man helicopter pilot

Action Man

   Dream Journal

I WAS PLAYING WITH MY ACTION MAN HELICOPTER PILOT. My sister was there with her Sindy dolls. There were Action Man and Sindy doll shoes everywhere.

Then I was outside in a wooded area. I was carrying the metal bed frame I had as a child. I was going to camp under a tree but there was a man and woman there so I left and flew across the hills. 

Next I was with a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses meeting for field service. My dad was conducting the meeting. He was talking so quietly that I couldn’t hear him. I was sitting on a sofa with my youngest daughter. She was just a baby. An elder called Frank said a prayer. It went on for ages. I began coughing up chunks of wood and blood. I left with my daughter, holding her in my arms. I walked to a shop and bought some chocolate.

I found myself  standing at a crossroads holding a rifle. I saw some soldiers approaching so I hid my gun under a pile of sticks and walked towards them. They passed by without engaging with me. When they had gone I returned to get my gun. There were some gardeners digging near the pile of sticks. I managed to retrieve my gun just as one of the gardeners saw it.

I was with my dad, mum, and sister. We were sliding down a very steep hill. At the bottom of the hill was a cliff. We fell over the edge into the sea and I lost my phone.