JW Convention

Another Dream, Another Convention

   Dream Journal

I AM AT A LARGE CONVENTION OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. Even though I’m disfellowshipped I’m serving as an attendant. I try to pass through a door with another “brother”. We are singing The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli but we have changed the lyrics to “Let us through…”

I see a large crate full of miscellaneous items. Whoever packed the crates used Bibles as packaging material. I see a Bible and a card from “Craig and Vicky” addressed to my ex-wife telling her that I never showed her the attention she deserved. I fly over the crowds of people in the arena and hand the card to my ex-wife.

Boiling water is poured over my legs. I begin to burn. A group of “sisters” run over and start to pour buckets of cold water over my legs. I tell them they will need to keep doing it for 40 minutes. One “sister” puts a dustpan under the running tap.

Water beins to pour through the ceiling above me. A girl asks me, “Should I call you Chris?” My dad is looking for me in the crowd and eventually finds me. He starts talking to me but the conversation is awkward. I tell him, “Just act normal.”

Someone from the trucking department approaches me. I don’t know him, but we shake hands. Then an old friend called Meli comes over and tells me she always liked me.

I find myself underneath a tarpaulin with my ex-wife’s father. He tells me that I need to tell the elders to reinstate me as a Jehovah’s Witness otherwise people will surely stop talking to me.

My dad is running through the crowd. An Italian “brother” stops him and says, “Prison wardens are all the same.” I interject and tell my dad off for appeasing the Italian but I tell him I would have also stopped him from running.