Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

   Dream Journal

I WAS IN A LARGE DEPARTMENT STORE. There was a shelf with Action Man figures on it. Two of the figures came to life and began talking to each other. Then they jumped down from the shelf and walked off together. I went over to the shelf and picked up a boxed Action Man helicopter pilot. Just then, Anthony Hopkins came over to me and said “Hello”. His adult son joined us and the three of us got talking. Anthony asked if I’d like to take a photograph of him and his son, so I did. Then Anthony came back to my house. I made a shepherd’s pie for him which he ate. I put a serving in the fridge for my dad to eat when he got home from work but Anthony ate that one too. When my dad got home he was angry that his dinner had been eaten. I found him in the kitchen, red-faced and wagging his finger at Anthony.

Next, I was in a VW Beetle with Anthony Hopkins, my (now ex) wife, and my children. We were on the field ministry. My wife and kids got out of the car and began to walk up the street. I remained in the car with Anthony. After a while, I thought I should join my wife and children so I drove along the road looking for them but they were nowhere to be seen. I drove around for a bit and discovered my brakes didn’t work. Eventually, I tried to call my wife on an old mobile phone but I couldn’t find her number.

I was in my dad’s study. He told me a young elder called Angus had asked him to hack the Watchtower Library software on his wife’s computer so she would be fed apostate information, but now he was asking for it to be put back to normal. My dad wanted me to get myself invited to Angus’ house for tea so I could gain access to his wife’s computer. There were lots of books in my dad’s study, and on one of the book shelves there was a small box with a yellow card in it. There was some writing on the card. It was a code for accessing the computer. 

I was in a pub full of people. Everyone was saying the same thing: “Are you prepared to pay £100?”