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   Dream Journal

I WAS IN A HOUSE WITH A SMALL GROUP OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. We had just finished a meeting and were now socialising. I told the group I had a girlfriend, but I couldn’t remember her name. They told me her name was Abi. Then I realised “Abi” was sitting opposite me. I felt really embarrassed. Next, I found myself standing at the bottom of the stairs talking to Abi’s dad.

Then, I was back home living with my dad and mum. Our home was unfamiliar to me. It was night time and I sneaked out of the house to see my girlfriend. I was driving along the road on a metal bed frame with wheels. When I arrived at Abi’s house I spoke to her dad for a while and gave him an endoscope camera as a gift. Then, I rode home on my bed frame. As I tried to sneak back into my house, a small brown and white chihuahua tried to follow me in. I pushed it away with my foot as I closed the back door. I could hear my dad and mum talking upstairs.

The next day I was on the field ministry with my mum. As we walked from door-to-door we were talking about my first disfellowshipping in 2006. My mum told me there had been an accusation of me committing fraud—something to do with a website I had been paid to build for a printing company, but didn’t. Also, there was an accusation that I had prevented an assassination from taking place. I didn’t know anything about these accusations. Then, my mum disappeared.

I saw a house with an open door and went in. The house was empty with no furniture or carpets. I saw a woman in the kitchen chopping something with a kitchen knife. I felt very scared and ran out of the house. The woman pursued me and caught up with me just as I met a man coming the other way. I asked the man where my mum was and he told me “she’s gone”. I didn’t know what he meant, but then I saw a small group of Jehovah’s Witnesses—including Abi, my (now ex) wife, and my oldest daughter—standing in the middle of the road. They were all crying and consoling each other. I asked what had happened and one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses told me my mum had been hit by a bus. She was dead.

I was in a Kingdom Hall. I had a CAA aircraft log book. The pages had been ripped out. I told a school teacher sitting in the back row that I could put the book back together again. I took the book into the back room library where there was a large table and some bookshelves. A number of Watchtower publications had been removed from the bookshelves and placed on the table. I sat at the table and started sewing the pages back into the log book. A brother who didn’t like me came into the room. He started bleeding the radiator. I told him I had already done that. He told me I wasn’t allowed to do repairs on the Kingdom Hall and I replied that I didn’t care. He then told me to put all the Watchtower publications back on the shelves. I told him I wouldn’t. 

I was an adult, but still a student at school. I was in a drama class with my friend, Chris. The students were taking turns reading out loud. Then we were called into a room one at a time. It became apparent we were being auditioned for parts in a play. I didn’t get a part and was told I could longer be in the class. I went to the school reception and spoke to a receptionist. I told her I wanted to speak to a Careers Officer. Meanwhile, a student standing behind me was invading my personal space. I told them three times to stand back but they didn’t, so I pushed them to the floor, grabbed their legs, and started spinning them around on their back.

A teacher came over and I explained to her that I had been excluded from the drama class. I told her I had a foundational teaching qualification and that I had run my own first aid training company for 6 years. She told me to follow her to the staff room. After walking with her for a while I realised I’d left my blue Adidas school bag at reception. We turned around and started walking back to reception, but then I saw the teacher was carrying my bag. We headed for the staff room again, but the teacher took me to the toilets instead. She told me it was a joke. I said I didn’t find it funny and told her to take me to the real staff room.

The teacher and I walked down a school corridor to a pile of CPR manikins stacked next to a gap in the wall. We walked through the gap and down another corridor with incredibly high walls that became increasingly narrow. I felt claustrophobic, but then the corridor opened up into a large conference room with a massive cinema screen and theatre seats. There were people sitting in the seats who seemed to be quietly studying. The teacher I was with went to a desk and phoned someone. She told them I had been excluded from the drama class and that was looking for something new to do. Meanwhile, I found a banjo and started playing a tune. The fretboard was covered in Sellotape, but it worked fine. When I finished my performance, all the people sitting down started applauding me.

The teacher then called me over and I spoke to the person on the phone, telling them about my qualifications. The teacher then led me outside to a school playing field where 2 people were practicing CPR on a manikin. I told the teacher I was 52 years old, that I had grown up children, and that I was skipping my GCSEs and going straight to A levels. She was worried I was out of my depth, but I was full of confidence. I felt like I could do anything.