Canoe on lake

Balloons and Canoes

   Dream Journal

I WAS IN MY DAD’S WORKSHOP. It was huge, like a warehouse. By the entrance was a massive pair of floor-to-ceiling bellows slowly pumping air around the workshop. There were hundreds of wooden workbenches all around the shop piled up with old tools and junk such as used packaging and sheets of insulation. Everything was covered in dirt and dust. I asked my dad how he could work in such a cluttered and filthy space. I tried to tidy up for him but I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and gave up.

I was in a large house where my dad and (now dead) mum were living. It was very run down. I went to the bathroom. It was filthy. The toilet was covered in excrement and the bath was full of brown stains. My dad said it was because he could no longer care for himself. I went outside and found myself in a park. There was a sunken grass bowl with a tree to one side. Under the tree was a toilet. There was also a toilet in the middle of the grass bowl. It was dirty like the ones in my dad and mum’s house. I urinated in it and then noticed the park was full of people who were watching me.

I found myself back at the house with my sister. I started to see ghosts and my sister’s soft toys came to life. A couple of old friends, Bert and Jenny, were there. They told me they could see dead people too and that it was ok. Jenny told me she used tarot cards. Bert was reading a large, ancient book with a drawing of a monk from hundreds of years ago. Bert told me the monk was him in previous life. I shone a torch down a dark hallway and made some spooky noises. There was an insurance man standing at the end of the hallway. I made him jump.

I was flying in a hot air balloon made out of a large crisp packet. There were lots of other balloons in the air with me. The strings holding my balloon to the basket broke and I came crashing down to the ground. I found myself in a picturesque village with my fellow ballooners. We walked along a country lane dragging our balloons behind us. I saw an old couple in their garden. The old man had fallen asleep and been outside all night. Then the road began to flood. We jumped into wooden canoes and started paddling up the road. Then we were in the ocean. There were people drowning beneath the waves. I managed to save one or two in my canoe. I kept paddling until I reached a foreign land.