Big bang

Before the Big Bang

   Dream Journal

I WAS IN A ROOM PHOTOCOPYING talk notes for UK Bethel member, Ron Drage. The room was full of collectible toys like Corgi Batmobiles and 007  Lotus Esprits. There was a queue of people lining up to help me photocopy faster. Then I was in a shopping mall sliding down the centre of the escalator.

I was on holiday with a number of young married couples. Our holiday rental was next door to a Kingdom Hall. A neighbour was criticising us about Watch Tower’s mishandling of child sexual abuse. Then I was in a wooden outbuilding, a kind of pod. I had got some musical instruments down from the loft of the holiday cottage and was now teaching the couples to play a tune. I explained to them how, before the Big Bang, all matter was condensed to the size of a pea.

I saw an animation. Cardboard cutouts of four identical Victorian women were screaming on a roller coaster.

A husband and wife were in bed with their baby. An earthquake occurred. The ceiling collapsed. The man held the baby up in the air and they all survived. The man said, “Now we’re kickin’ ass!”