Bin Bags

   Dream Journal

I AM AT SCHOOL TAKING AN EXAM. I am so tired that I fall asleep in the test. I wake up just as the exam finishes. I am disoriented. How long have I been asleep? Hours or days? I am even unsure if I should be at school or whether I should be at my job at Gamston Airport.

I walk outside and stand in front of a brick wall. A girl approaches me and says she likes my tortoise shell glasses. I realise I am having a lucid dream. Everything is vivid and feels so real. I am able to create what I want at will.

I find myself in a car being chased by someone who wants to harm me. I look down at the floor-well and see Batman’s grappling hook and an umbrella with a concealed knife. The car stops and I get out. I stab the pursuant with the umbrella knife. Then I shoot the grappling hook at a building and climb up the wall to get away.

I fly around the landscape. I see some young men playing guitars. I swoop down and pick up a bass guitar and start playing it. I fly up to a kitchen window. There is a woman cooking. She opens the window and says I can join her for dinner, but I am unable to fit through the window.

Then I am in a garden playing with pieces of model train track. The grass is muddy and covered in snow. There are black bin liners full of trash over the lawn. I go inside and find a pile of handwritten letters. One is a final warning to an employee called Paul. Another is a love letter to someone called Zara. The letters appear to have been written by me, which I find confusing. There are also some pages containing hand-written song chords. I rip up the papers and take them outside. I enter a shed and find a roll of black bin liners. I bag the ripped-up papers and toss it onto the lawn.