CB radio

Breaker Breaker

   Dream Journal

I WAS WITH SOME FRIENDS sorting through some red plastic boxes containing old CB radio and computer equipment. There were lots of old Commodore 64 and Atari ST computers with keys missing. My sister was there. She had a CB radio base station that looked like a small computer. All but two of the keys were missing but she was happy with it. “I only need one button to make it work,” she said. I changed the batteries several of the radios and labelled them with the date. I decided my sister’s call sign would be “Mountain 1”.

I left the house to get some more CB/computer equipment from a guy down the street who owned a junk shop. As I came out of my house I saw a huge, snow-capped mountain in the distance and realised I now lived in the Scottish Highlands. I got on my bicycle and pedaled down the street. After a while I came to an industrial unit. There was an old man sweeping the floor. “Is Nelson around?” I asked.

“He’s next door,” the old man replied, “but be careful. You know what he’s like!” I sensed “Nelson” couldn’t be trusted.

I cycled round to Nelson’s junk shop. There were lots of old bicycles for sale outside. I was worried if I left my bike outside Nelson would sell it so I took it into the junk shop with me. Nelson pointed me to a bike stand in the corner of the shop and I parked my bike. I selected some more CB and computer equipment from Nelson’s stash and then pedalled back home where my friends and sister were attaching their CB radios and antennas to their bikes. Even though we were all adults I suggested we go outside and play “tig” on our bikes.

I was in a large room full of desks and computers. I was busy packing up the computers into red plastic boxes when an old friend and business partner called Len arrived. I’d not seen Len since he’d moved to Cornwall a few years earlier so I suggested we go for lunch and discuss some new business ideas I had. As we walked along the street I realised we were in Wirksworth, Matlock and I was now living there. We headed into the village and I suggested we have lunch at a pub or an Italian restaurant, but Len didn’t want to. I apologised to Len for being distant the past few years and he told me not to worry. “Your house is almost ready,” he said. He went on to explain he’d built a house for me in Cornwall and I could live in it rent-free if I worked for him. Just then we came across a massive building made of clear crystals embellished with silver. Outside was a sign which read “English Tea Room”. Then I saw my sister rummaging through a “bargain bin”.

I was composing a song. My little girl was there. She liked the song so much that she recorded herself singing it on a tape. My friend, Matthew turned up. We worked on the song together until it was complete. Then some more friends turned up. Two of them took the song and changed the lyrics. Then they gave me a URL to listen to their version on the Internet. I discussed it with Matthew and he agreed we should sue them for copyright infringement.