Celebrating Holidays After Leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Q. I am currently a baptized JW in good standing but have allowed myself to fade. My question for you is, “Do you now celebrate holidays as an ex-JW?” I personally do not, but I’m curious about how others handle

I Am the Universe

Source and Nirguna Brahman

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Q. Is Source a personality or just a collection of potentials? If it has a personality and the ability to stop evil, then I think Source is either indifferent or cruel! A. The “Source” you speak of is, I believe,


How Old Is Humanity?

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Q. I can only ever find low-level or spurious proof about the existence of mankind beyond 6000 years ago. How long ago do you think humans were created? A. I think we need to differentiate between the “origin of mankind”


Why Disfellowshipping Is Wrong

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Q. Why don’t you record a podcast talking about all the scriptures Jehovah’s Witnesses use relating to disfellowshipping and then explain why shunning is not scriptural? A. Good idea! I have thought about doing this, but my opinion that disfellowshipping