Drowning hand in mud

Drowning in Mud

   Dream Journal

I SAW A LARGE BODY OF MUD, like the River Thames when the tide is out. A woman tried walking across the mud and drowned by a ship’s anchor. Then my mum tried walking on it despite me warning her not to. She got part way across and started to sink in the mud. I flew over the mud and lifted her out. Then we looked across to the other bank and saw a dog drowning in the mud. We found ourselves on the other side where there was a large tin building moored to the bank. I entered the building and ran to the far end. I ripped off several corrugated tin sheets from the end wall and saw the dog in the mud. The dog was able to make it to the tin building and I pulled it out of the mud. I started to make my way back to the entrance but the tin building came loose from its moorings and drifted from the bank. There was no way out. I was trapped. 

Then I was in Italy. I had rented a red moped and was taking it back to the hire company because it had broken down. They were refusing to give me my deposit back, claiming that I’d damaged it. Then the moped was an Aston Martin DB5 and I was James Bond, dressed in an expensive suit. I was in a bar. The barman gave me a bill for thousands of pounds. I refused to pay. I showed the barman my wallet which was full of money. The money was from his future. He had never seen a plastic £10 note before and was intrigued by the hologram.

I was with an old man in his bathroom. His wife, an Indian woman, was lying dead on the floor. He had killed her. We dragged the body to the bedroom, laid her on the bed, and tried to make the scene look as though she had died of natural causes. The man decided he was going to sleep next to the dead body that night and ring the coroner in the morning.