Finding Jupiter

   Dream Journal

I WAS AT A CIRCUIT ASSEMBLY OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. My dad’s friend, an elder called Tim Smith, was on the platform conducting the Watchtower Study. I was supposed to be on the platform reading but I was late. While Tim was waiting for me to arrive the elder who disfellowshipped me in 2006 stood in for me. When I eventually made it onto the platform Tim humiliated me in front of the audience. I shouted “Fuck you, Tim! Fuck you!” and walked out of the assembly hall. Another elder called Tony came out to me to lend his support. I told him I was late to my assignment because I thought I was still disfellowshipped. No one had informed me I had been reinstated and I didn’t understand why I was assigned to read at the assembly. I told Tony I was done with Jehovah’s Witnesses and walked away.

I found myself flying over a water park. I was hovering high above a massive waterfall. The view was amazing, but I realised I was running out of energy and would soon crash into the waterfall and die. A small child waved at me from the bank and I realised I wanted to live so I flew away from the waterfall and swooped down to what appeared to be the way out of the water park. There were people leaving the park via a water tunnel but I didn’t want to hold my breath so instead, I flew over the tunnels and swimming pools to the exit doors. I walked through the doors expecting to find myself outside but instead, I was back where I started. I tried several times to leave via the exit doors but every time I ended up back in the water park. In the end, I asked a member of staff to help me out. They agreed, but I had to go through “customs” before I was allowed to leave. My luggage, including my blue crocheted blanket, had been lost, but the customs officer found it. He went through my suitcase in which were a number of very expensive cameras. The officer asked me how much a particular camera was worth. I replied “£6500 for the body and £2500 for the lens”. £9000 in total.

Then I was in school. It was the last day before leaving. Some friends and I were rehearsing a short play about a crew of a spaceship. There was my childhood friend Chris, a strange-looking girl with grey hair and a girl with bright red hair called Jupiter. I was in love with Jupiter and was sad thinking I wasn’t going to see her again. I sat next to her and she pulled me close. “Did you just pull me in?” I asked, “like a planet?” “Yes I did!” replied Jupiter and I realised that she loved me too. I decided that after we left school I would take her on a trip to London and we would stay in a hotel together.

I went to the toilet to think. I was sitting on the toilet writing lines for our play. I decided that Chris would play “Tom”, a slightly thick astronaut. We would use some old ambulance radios I had to simulate Mission Control, and we would play rock music on a vinyl record player. The highlight of our play would be me playing the guitar and singing a song I would write called “Finding Jupiter”. Just then someone barged into my toilet cubical. “Do you mind?” I shouted, “I’m on the loo!” Then I rejoined my friends. “You’ve been ages!” said one of them. “I’ve been writing lines”, I replied.

I took control of the creative process but told my friends I wanted their ideas too. Chris said he wanted to be called “Wilson” and wear a silver foil hat with a flashing light on his head. I sat next to Jupiter and stroked her back as she smiled.