Fish fingers

Fish Fingers

   Dream Journal

I WAS IN A ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE. There was a large window on one side of the room. A jet aircraft flew past the window really quickly causing a sonic boom. I went outside and sat on a deckchair looking up at the sky. There were lots of other aircraft performing an air display. I saw a formation of small aircraft that looked like blue butterflies. My little girl came and sat on my knee and we watched the display together. 

I was working as the technical records manager at Gamston Airport. A firm of accountants had taken over the company. My desk was in a corner of a large room. There were sheets of A4 paper taped to the wall above my desk. They contained lists of employees who were Jehovah’s Witnesses with a “no blood” card. An engineer known as Bomber Harris came to my desk and asked for a form. I looked through a suspension file trolley but couldn’t find the form he wanted. I decided I would redesign all the forms because they were badly designed. A couple of engineers called John and Damion had desks next to mine. I told them I was going to install door bells that would ring in the hangar below so I could notify them when they were needed in the office. They thought this was a good idea.

I was filling out my timesheet. I thought my boss, David, had been filling out my timesheets for weeks but now I wasn’t so sure. I walked down the corridor to an archive room. I started looking through the cardboard archive boxes. Then I walked down a flight of stairs. There were racks of accounts files all the way down the stairs. I walked outside to a portacabin and gave my timesheet to an accountant called Andrea who had a massive smile on her face. I asked if she had received my earlier time sheets and she said David had submitted some but not all. 

I walked through the car park looking for my car but I couldn’t see it. An elderly lady appeared and asked me if I ate fish. I replied, “No, only beef and chicken.” She looked surprised and asked, “What, not even fish fingers?” I thought for a moment and then replied, “I guess I could.” Then two more elderly people with white hair appeared—a man and a woman wearing shiny pink suits. I sensed they were spirit beings. They were smiling just like Andrea. It was unnerving.

It was lunch time. I was at home with my sister and (now dead) mum. I looked at the clock. It was 1 pm. I was trying to find a reason not to go on field ministry that afternoon. Then I realised I was no longer a Jehovah’s Witness “pioneer” but I had a full time job at Gamston Airport. I tried to telephone my boss to let him know I had forgotten (again) but I couldn’t find his telephone number in my phone. I typed “gamston airport” on a huge tablet and started scrolling through the search results. The tablet was laid on the floor and my sister almost trod on it. I pushed her away and she got upset. She left the room and sat at the bottom of the stairs crying.

I moved back into the house I had lived in as a child in Slade Green. I was in the garden and noticed the next door neighbor had removed a 6 foot high fence panel my dad had built years earlier. I was upset they had destroyed his handiwork so I went next door to confront the neighbour. After shouting at the neighbour I levitated around the side of his house to the street at the front. I levitated along the street to my house and flew up to my bedroom window. My mum was in my bedroom looking out of the window. She opened the window for me to fly in but it was too small for me to fit through so I flew down to the ground and went through the front door instead. It was then that I noticed the number on the door was wrong. It was 305 instead of 259. As I walked through the door I realised this wasn’t my childhood home after all. The living room was different. It had a brown-painted brick fireplace dividing the room from the entrance hallway.

Then I found myself at an old Kingdom Hall I used to attend in Matlock. A meeting for field service had just taken place in a small side room. The conductor was calling out numbers of houses for the group of Jehovah’s Witnesses to visit. I was writing the numbers on the back of an old, red, plastic clipboard. I had a conversation with the conductor about the sound system. He had wanted to play a tape to the group but didn’t know how. I said he should have asked me and I would have helped. Then I went to the literature counter and took a book. I saw a Bible on the counter with the letters KJ (King James?) on the front.