Star Wars stormtroppers

Gang Wars

   Dream Journal

MY LITTLE GIRL WAS DROWNING IN A POOL OF MUD. I flew over the mud and scooped her up. Then I saw a dog drowning in a sinkhole of muddy water. I pulled it out but it wasn’t breathing. I gave it CPR and it came back to life. I walked down the road to a rack of metal shelving piled high with planks of wood. I took some of the planks and returned to the sinkhole. My intention was to cover the sinkhole with wood so that no one else could fall in, but I was too late. I arrived just as a very large person on a mobility scooter drove into the hole and began to sink. I tried to pull them out, but they were too heavy and they drowned. After that, I covered the sinkhole with planks of wood. The wood was very thin and I was worried it wouldn’t do the job.

Next, I found myself walking down the road with a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses who were on field ministry. One young “brother” called Louie had written all over his face with a pen. I thought it was inappropriate to be preaching about God while looking like that. I had arranged a congregation walk and a treasure hunt for the upcoming Bank Holiday. I was telling everyone not to forget to come along, but no one seemed interested.

An elder called Glyn came to tea at my house. My dad was there. Glyn was being very judgmental, criticising everyone in his congregation and telling us what a brilliant elder he was. I was playing along with him and watching my dad’s reaction. We couldn’t get over how arrogant Glyn was! Then he started criticising my dad and mum for a couple of dolls they had. Apparently, when Glyn had visited my parents, they had referred to the dolls as “a wizard and a witch”. Glyn and his wife had been offended by this. My dad explained it was just a joke, but Glyn still wasn’t happy. He told my dad he shouldn’t be joking about spiritism. I looked at Glyn and his face had turned blue and green—very odd! Then, he started criticising me about the big house I lived in. He told me I was materialistic. I explained to him that my house was rented and that I only worked part-time and spent most of my week preaching.

I was at the end of Slade Green Road, the road I grew up on. There were a couple of small children trying to pull several abandoned sofas and armchairs over a fence separating the road from a playing field. A woman walked up to me and asked me if I could help the children. I agreed. The woman had a removal van parked on the road. It had a sofa and an armchair already in it. She told me it was full up and the rest of the armchairs and sofas wouldn’t fit in. I told her this wasn’t the case and that I had worked as a delivery boy when I was younger. I managed to squeeze the other armchairs and sofas into the van and we drove to the children’s home, which turned out to be on the second floor of a block of flats. We unloaded the van and carried the armchairs and sofas up the stairs. The children told their mother that they had a gift for her. There were three sofas and quite a few armchairs, all different colours and very stained. She was delighted with her “gift”.

I decided to take the elevator down to the ground floor, but it got stuck on the way. I shouted for help and a man finally heard me. He forced the elevator doors open. I thanked him and he invited me to stay at his home that night. We arrived at his home, also a block of flats, to see some of his friends trying to push a massive sofa up the stairs. It was so big it destroyed the staircase and the walls but the man wasn’t bothered. He got some sheets of plasterboard and fixed the walls. I spent the night sleeping on the man’s floor. In the morning I went to leave but he didn’t want me to go. I told him I was going to go home to live with my dad, but he started to get angry. He told me I was going to work for him as a member of his gang. I refused and ran out of the house.

I flew above the roofs and made my way to the road where I expected to find my 8-seater people carrier. When I got there, my vehicle was gone, but the man was there. I asked him where my van was and he told me one of his gang members had it. I insisted that he give it back to me but he said it would cost me £100,000. I said I could only afford £1000. He told me I would have to pay at least £5000 to get it back. I reluctantly agreed and one of his gang turned up with my vehicle. I got in to drive to my dad’s house, but the man and several of his gang members also got in. As we drove along, a woman, also a member of the man’s gang, ran alongside us at 60 miles per hour. Then she got in too. We drove into town and the man put a gun in my hand. He ordered me to shoot at pedestrians. He held a gun to my head and told me that if I refused he would kill me. I opened the driver’s side window and started to shoot into the air so as not to hurt anyone. Then I shot at the front wheel of a motorcycle, causing the rider to fall off. By now, the Police had been made aware of the drive-by shooting and a Police helicopter was flying overhead. I opened my door and jumped out of the moving van. The man started to shoot at me but I escaped.

I found myself on a very tiny, narrow island. I made my way to a cottage at the northern end of the island. I had been shot and was bleeding. I entered the cottage and found an old man and his wife living there. I told them to close all the curtains and to turn off any appliances—the TV, kettle etc.—that would indicate they were at home. We went upstairs to the couple’s bedroom. The old man seemed to have dementia and kept opening the curtains. I told him he needed to leave them alone because the gang would be arriving soon and would kill us if they found us. Just then, the couple’s daughter and her husband arrived. They were surprised to find me there, especially brandishing a gun, but I explained what had happened and they agreed to help me. I told them to grab whatever things they could as makeshift weapons—scissors, knives, and so forth. We called 999 and awaited the arrival of the gang.

As I looked anxiously through a crack in the curtains I saw the gang turn up in a black car. There were lots of gang members, all carrying large guns. I was sure we were going to die, but all of a sudden we found ourselves flying above the island in a light aircraft. The old man with dementia was piloting the aeroplane! Below us, we could see that the Police and a S.W.A.T. team had just arrived. We flew to the southern end of the island and swapped our aeroplane for a helicopter. A couple of other people with lots of guns joined us. We flew back to the northern end of the island and could see the S.W.A.T. team below us engaged in a gunfight with the gang. We started to shoot at the gang from our helicopter. Then, we landed and joined the S.W.A.T. team in the battle. We managed to kill all the gang members, but then a load of Stormtroopers from Star Wars turned up. Whenever I tried to shoot one, the trigger on my gun seemed to freeze up.