How Old Is Humanity?


Q. I can only ever find low-level or spurious proof about the existence of mankind beyond 6000 years ago. How long ago do you think humans were created?

A. I think we need to differentiate between the “origin of mankind” and the “origin of civilized mankind”. Scientists claim that our ancestors have been around for about six million years. They say Homo Sapiens evolved about 200,000 years ago. But civilization as we know it only occurred about 6,000 years old.

Although I believe in Source transforming into the Universe at the beginning of each Yuga cycle, I also believe that evolution occurs during each Yuga. This is not total “chance” but involves programmed randomness. In other words, Source codes into the program certain rules for the evolutionary process to operate within, perhaps even a rough end goal (ie. a “life” function). I believe this accounts for the variety of life forms, some more advanced than others. And of course, it’s entirely possible that this Universe is not the only one. It could be that life has developed in other Universes during other Yugas or even this one.

I also believe that there comes a point in evolution where a brain/body combination becomes sufficiently developed for a spirit-based fragmented instance of Source consciousness to be able to “blend” with flesh to have a physical experience. The book Backwards by Nanci Danison, an NDE experiencer, speaks a lot about the blending process. Of course, we know only of our spirit-flesh combo, but it’s possible that spirit minds can blend with other physical lifeforms, even what we consider inanimate objects. Biblically there is the tale of multiple spirits possessing single human bodies, and even bodies of pigs (although that didn’t go so well!)

In addition to Advaitism and Pandeism, which both propose that God/Source is the Universe, or manifesting as the Universe, I do also subscribe to the Panpsychic model that “All is Mind”.

In terms of when modern humans “evolved”, I believe something significant happened around 6000 years ago, which is reflected in stories such as the Biblical “Adam and Eve” account. It seems to me that up to 6000 years ago, Homo Sapiens may have been less developed, but they were given a sudden “boost”. I tend to think that this could have been from outside influences (spirits, ETs visiting earth) and giving humanity a jump start, possibly via some form of genetic engineering. Remnants of this long-forgotten event could be preserved in the account of Adam and Eve (ie. “humanity”) becoming like Elohim (God/the gods) with a sudden awakening (knowledge of good and evil). Paul Wallis speaks about this in great detail in his Eden trilogy, and you’ll find him on YouTube talking about it a lot.