How 2 Save A Life

How 2 Save A Life

   Dream Journal

I WAS AT A SCHOOL in a village I used to live in. Some of the children were wearing red fleece jackets with my old first aid company logo on. I kept seeing the How 2 Save A Life logo attached to things. Then, I found myself in a room with a class of school children. They had a CPR manikin that looked like a Sontaran from Doctor Who. I started thinking I should restart my first aid company in order to teach basic first aid to children.

I left the school and walked up a hill until I came to some houses. I saw an old, white, dilapidated cottage. I thought it was empty and started nosing around with a view to buying it, but then an old lady came out. She told me her name was Mavis and she had lived there 40 years. I told her I was going to stand outside the house next to hers and hand out leaflets advertising my first aid business.

I walked further up the hill to where the shops were. I went into a toy shop and asked if they could order a giant version of me as a LEGO character. They already had a small one on their counter, complete with a red top displaying my How 2 Save A Life logo, but it had a yellow cowboy hat and no beard.

I continued walking up the hill. I was with my (now ex) wife. I had a blocked nose and started looking for a chemist to buy a bottle of Otravine decongestant from. We passed a family group with a young girl who reminded me of my daughter. I felt very sad. My daughter had drowned in my last dream. My ex and I discussed suicide and decided we would do it together when the time came. Meanwhile, I said I would buy a car in order to start doing first aid training again—also, so we could get to the Kingdom Hall which was a good distance away.

I thought about some old friends who lived in the area—Lee, Cassie, and Lucy—then I had the idea of turning my website into a source of information about first aid, with downloadable lesson plans and handouts for people to teach first aid themselves.