Train track

Laying Track

   Dream Journal

I WAS WITH A GROUP OF SOLDIERS. We were preparing to fight the Vikings. There was a wooden wardrobe from which I was choosing the clothing I would wear into battle. I tried on a black leather jacket, but settled for a large, black, waterproof coat with a hood. I also chose a woollen beanie. Then I selected my weapon. I picked up a pitch fork but it was too light, so I chose a large knife. A battle took place in a grassy field. I was pinned down by a Viking in a hairy jacket, but one of my fellow soldiers stabbed him in the back and saved my life.

I was asleep on a bench in a muddy field. I woke up to see a small child running towards me, screaming and brandishing a huge shovel. He was going to kill me, so I smashed his face in with an equally large shovel. He ran off, bleeding. I chased after him and found myself in a room full of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I saw the small child with a bloody face and picked him up by his neck. Someone found another small child that looked like him and suggested I had the wrong child, but I said I was 99% sure I had the right one because his shoes were muddy.

I was with a group of friends. We were building a model railway track from Retford to Eaton village. We had a fridge with some snacks in, which we left on the side of the road while we laid the track. A passerby thought it had been put out for recycling and took it. We finished laying the track and ran the model train successfully. I did some flying. Then, I started dismantling the track while my friends went for dinner.