5D Consciousness

My Shift to 5D Consciousness


SCIENTISTS TALK ABOUT THE UNIVERSE as having additional dimensions beyond the four of Space and Time. Through complex mathematical formulas, they are able to prove their point. This is not something I understand, but I take their word for it. Something I do understand is the dimensional states of consciousness, unprovable by science, but knowable from personal experience. Just like there are different dimensions in the Universe, there are also different levels, or dimensional states, of consciousness. These are referred to as 3D, 4D and 5D.

3D consciousness is when a person views things from a purely physical perspective. This is the default state for most humans, especially in the West where we think of ourselves as separate from others. Living from a 3D state feels like you are in competition with others. It’s “survival of the fittest”. It’s finding your identity in how much money, possessions, or power you have over other people. It’s a very materialistic outlook, and not at all spiritual.

4D consciousness is when you begin to look at things from a more spiritual perspective. You start to notice that we are all connected, to each other, and to Source Consciousness. Once a person starts to live from a 4D perspective their view of material pursuits changes. Money, possessions, and social status become less important. You begin to think in terms of relationships, compassion, and love. 4D consciousness, this spiritual outlook, is not to be confused with religion. Religion can be, and often is, very 3D-oriented. As a former Jehovah’s Witnesses, I knew many religious people, but few spiritual ones. Most often they were living their lives in a very materialistic way, looking forward to the time they would live on a paradise earth, with a big house, and lots of food. Within the congregation, there was often a spirit of rivalry and competition. Men, especially, were concerned with having “privileges”, being “made up” (as they would put it) to the “status” of ministerial servant or elder. This was often no more than a desire for prominence and power, recognition, and validation. It was very physical. A person living from a 4D conscious state is unconcerned about these material things, and as they continue to grow spiritually they move towards even higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

I first started to experience 4D consciousness in 2004. I had been reading the Bible and meditating deeply on the idea of Jesus being One with his followers, and with God, and this really resonated with me. At the time I framed my spiritual awakening within the narrow bounds of Christianity, the idea that I could become part of the “body of Christ” through communion, through the bread and wine and faith in his ransom sacrifice. I never anticipated at the time that I would ever not be a Christian, even if I left Jehovah’s Witnesses, which was always at the back of my mind once I had “woken up” to the fact it was a cult. Once I was living from a 4D perspective, my position within the congregation meant very little to me. I resigned as an elder, feeling that it was not my place to judge others as I was being asked to. I began to perceive the world, not only through my physical senses but more so through my intuition. No longer was I so interested in rules and regulations, especially those laid down by the Watch Tower Society, but I started to live from my heart, from what felt right rather than what I was told was right by a perceived “authority”. At first, I still held the Bible in high regard, but it ceased being a weapon to control people and instead became a guide to encourage them. It was during my 4D period that I acted as a channel for a book entitled I Am God, which stressed the Oneness of all things in the Universe, and the need for love. Nevertheless, I was still attached to my religion, and I remained that way until 2020, oscillating between 3D and 4D consciousness.

But in 2020, I finally walked away from religion, from Jehovah’s Witnesses, and even Christianity. I then set my heart and mind on true spiritual ascension. That’s when my 5-dimensional consciousness began to grow and expand. Without the “noise” of a religious cult telling me what to think, what to do, what to believe, I was finally free to allow my intuition free reign to guide me and to allow the Universe to work its magic.

So what is 5D consciousness? 5D builds on the idea that we are all One and we are all connected. You begin to see Source Consciousness (I tend not to use the word “God” because that implies religion and worship), this Creative Source, in everything. Religion becomes unnecessary. For me, even Christianity as a spiritual framework became unnecessary. You just know how to live. Your intuition takes over, and you the truly right thing becomes second nature. No longer are there rules as to what is “good” or “bad”. You start to think in terms of what is beneficial, not just to yourself but to everyone and everything in the Universe. You realise that there is a higher purpose for all things and that every experience, even those that may have seemed “bad” in the past, has value and meaning. There is a complete lack of judgement. Everyone and everything is accepted as part of the bigger picture, part of your journey, and theirs, part of the lesson that you are being taught, and ultimately it all comes down to love and compassion, which is what Jesus taught anyway. Love, without the need for a religion stipulating what is “right” or “wrong”. Intuition. Just “knowing”. 

A 5D perspective makes you view everyone not just as your equal but as your own self, and there is a really strong desire to live from a place of pure authenticity. You understand that your purpose is to live your truth. No one else can be you. You realise that rivalry and competition are pointless, that you’re only competing with yourself, and that there is enough in the Universe to go around. 

There are, of course, higher states of consciousness beyond 5D. These are believed to be accessible after we have left our physical bodies at death, but it’s possible while still in a physical body to access these states through meditation, dreams and, unsurprisingly, psychedelics. Beyond 5D, consciousness gains access to Time and Space itself. It’s thought that in 6D and 7D our thoughts become so powerful that we can travel to any time or place. Time feels endless and everything is perceived from a place of pure, unconditional love. In higher states like 8, 9, and 10-dimensional consciousness, it is thought that we can return to Source, merge with other consciousnesses, and even travel to different galaxies!

Returning to 5D, which is where I am currently at, what I can tell you is that I now rely heavily on my intuition to guide me. I’ve been criticised for doing so as if logic and reasoning are the only tools to live by, but I disagree. I believe intuition is a valid tool for finding the truth, especially spiritual truth, and guiding a person through life. It works for me. It always has. It’s when I haven’t listened to my intuition that things have gone wrong for me, when I’ve not listened to the “nudges” from the Universe designed to correct my path. I used to think of this “inner voice” as God, or the Holy Spirit, but now I see it from a much broader perspective than a purely religious one. I see intuition as being a connection with the vibrations and frequencies running through the Universe, a way of accessing wisdom from higher dimensions and consciousnesses. 

An important thing to realise when becoming 4D or 5D conscious is that you are ahead of the game. Most people in your life will be living from 3D and, as such, they won’t understand you. We can’t force a person to ascend to a higher level. They have to find their own path. All we can do is quietly show the way. Be a way-shower. This may be your purpose, your reason for being here, at this time and place.

Also, ascending to 5D and beyond is often painful. It involves shedding the old to make way for the new. The Universe needs us to be as empty and light as possible to enter 5D consciousness and it often does this in the most devastating ways. We may go through traumatic experiences involving huge loss which may lead us to become depressed and even angry at God or the Universe, but this stage, painful as it may be, is absolutely necessary and does, in its own time, come to an end. Soon, from the emptiness and desolation, emerges our authentic self, ready to experience a more spiritual life, a life more real.

In conclusion: 5D consciousness is about living a life of Oneness and Love, but it doesn’t happen without growing pains, and usually not without great loss. Like the caterpillar, you may need to go through a painful process of deconstruction before you emerge in your true form—beautiful and colourful as the butterfly—but once you reach 5-dimensional consciousness, once this spiritual plane becomes your reality, you will have no desire to revert to the lower states most people live in. You will let go of the old, and welcome the new, finally knowing your true place and purpose in the Universe.

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