Pendulum divination

Pendulum Divination—A Beginner’s Guide


PENDULUM DIVINATION IS AN ANCIENT ART in the realm of dowsing or divination. It has fascinated truth-seekers for ages. The practice involves a weighted object hung from a chain, often made of crystals or some other non-magnetic material, that is purported to respond to “Yes”, “No”, and “Maybe” questions.

Sceptics challenge whether pendulums really work, or whether they are just responding to the subtle movements of the user’s hand. Certainly, an element of faith is needed when using a pendulum as its accuracy cannot be objectively proven. Practitioners claim that it works by tapping into your intuition or “sixth sense”, connecting your consciousness to a deeper, underlying knowledge. The answers may come from a dead loved one, a guardian angel or spirit guide, or even your own Higher Self.

If you would like to give pendulum divination a try, follow the simple instructions below.

Getting your pendulum ready

Before use, cleanse your pendulum in sunlight for a day. Then, charge it with your energy by holding it in your hands for 10 to 15 minutes while sitting quietly with your eyes closed, focusing your attention on your pendulum. Some diviners advise that you say a prayer of intention to keep negative energies at bay before commencing. Next, you need to calibrate your pendulum. Relax and hold your pendulum comfortably between your thumb and forefinger. Ask for a “Yes” response, then a “No” response, and finally a “Maybe” response. Observe the pendulum’s movements each time. Now you are ready to use your pendulum!

Using your pendulum

Begin with basic queries to confirm your pendulum is working correctly, eg. “Is today Saturday?” Then progress to more important questions, for example, enquiries relating to personal decisions and relationships. With practice, you will be able to interpret its signals with confidence.

Why doesn’t my pendulum work?

Sceptics will say it’s because pendulum divination is nonsense, but practitioners will remind you that maintaining an open mind is vital, otherwise, the pendulum may not comply. Remember to ask clear, specific questions, and be patient for the answers. If issues persist, you may want to try a different pendulum.

Pendulum divination is definitely an intriguing subject. It might even help you to gain valuable insights and guidance on your spiritual path.

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