Recurring Dreams

   Dream Journal

I DREAM MOST NIGHTS and my dreams are always very vivid. For some time now I have been keeping a dream journal. Here is a list of things that regularly appear in my dreams:

  1. The ability to fly.
  2. My dead mum, my sister, and occasionally my dad (who is usually bad).
  3. My ex-wife, my youngest daughter (usually as a little child).
  4. My childhood homes (especially my bedrooms).
  5. Groups of Jehovah’s Witnesses, meetings for field service, assemblies and conventions.
  6. Out-of-control cars, radio-controlled cars, a blue Vauxhall Cavalier.
  7. Multiple copies of my childhood teddy bears.
  8. Fighting as a soldier in a battle, shooting a gun (usually at aliens).
  9. Spooky attics, haunted rooms that feel cold.
  10. Trying to play a piano that keeps rocking back and forth uncontrollably.
  11. Trying to make a call on a mobile phone that keeps warping.
  12. A guitar with a broken neck.
  13. A long blue overcoat.
  14. Working at Gamston Airport, thinking I’m still at school and forgetting to go into work.
  15. A house with squatters living in it.
  16. An Indian man.