Guitar strings

Restringing My Guitar

   Dream Journal

I WAS RESTRINGING MY GUITAR using a length of thick string. My mum pulled it tight and broke the neck of the guitar. I took it into the garden where my dad was sitting on a garden swing. I told him I didn’t believe in God anymore. I asked him for proof of God’s existence but he couldn’t give any. I smashed the guitar up into little pieces, even though it meant so much to me. Then I noticed the pieces strewn around the lawn were, in fact, pieces of a Corgi Batmobile. I found the little Batman and Robin figures and picked them up. 

I was in a car driving to a friend’s house. I was in the rear seat with my dad. Neither of us had trousers on. We arrived at our friend’s house and frantically put our trousers on in case they came out and saw us naked. We entered the house. 

Then the house became my house, a cottage with low ceilings. My (ex) wife was there, except she was my mum. Some guests arrived and I offered to make them cups of tea. My wife-mum was in the pantry trying to find food in the freezer. I called out to her but she couldn’t hear me.

I went through to the living room where I found my guests fast asleep on the sofa. I was holding a notebook which had many of its pages torn out.