Space-Time Infinity

Rethinking Space-Time


THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAME TO ME IN A DREAM. It suggests a way we might rethink our current notion of Space and Time, in particular the dimensionality of Space-Time. Currently, we speak of Space as having three dimensions with Time being the fourth dimension. We live in a four-dimensional reality where we can move in any direction within 3D Space, but only in one Time dimension (ie. Time only moves forward). This, I posit, is not how things actually are. There may in fact be not three but only two spatial dimensions. The other two dimensions of our 4D Space-Time reality might actually both be temporal.

To explain my hypothesis, the first dimension (1D) would be spatial. It might be illustrated as a dot on an otherwise blank piece of paper. The dot exists spatially but has no temporal properties insofar as it is a singular, static point. The dot may be considered either an action or a thought for this experiment, but either way, where only one dimension exists our action-thought dot is merely a static instance. However, when you introduce the concept of movement to the dot it becomes two-dimensional. For example, we might extend our dot to become a line or even a circle. In doing so, we have employed the second dimension of Time. Thus the second dimension (2D) is not spatial as is currently believed, but temporal. 2D takes a static spatial entity and gives it temporal momentum. Note, however, that this second dimension only has one temporal direction assigned to it. Just as if you were only allowed to draw your line or circle in one spatial direction, the second dimension limits us to only one temporal direction. For the purpose of discussion, we shall refer to this direction as “forward”. 

The third dimension (3D) is, like the first, also spatial. This can be thought of as a dot oriented around a perpendicular plane. Just like our 1D dot, our new 3D dot is also non-temporal in itself. It is only when we introduce a second temporal dimension that our 3D dot becomes spatio-temporal and is able to move, again in an exclusively “forward” direction within its assigned plane. Thus, we have two Space-Time dimensional pairs. 1D and 2D are the first Space-Time pair while 3D and 4D are the second pair.

From a 4D perspective, we are unable to move spatially or temporally in a “backward” direction. However, we have a way of overcoming this limitation, at least spatially. Imagine drawing a line in either a 2D or 4D world where we are only allowed to move our pencil in one direction relative to the dimensional plane the line exists in. In order to reverse our drawing direction, we would need only to loop the line back on itself. Thus in our four-dimensional world, left-to-right is spatially identical to right-to-left.

By way of demonstration, I invite you to try this: With your finger, point to a static position in Space. Imagine this is the first, spacial, dimension. Now move your finger in a circular direction. You have now created the second, temporal, dimension. Notice how, as you move your finger in a circular motion, you are at first moving left-to-right and then right-to-left. This gives the illusion of oscillating “forward” and “backward” movement, but in reality, you are only moving in one direction. To emphasise this more clearly, now move your finger in a figure-of-eight shape (like the infinity symbol). Note how the shape doubles back on itself giving the illusion of moving in alternating directions. In fact, your finger is only moving in one direction and that is “forward”. Also, note the difference between the shapes you drew in the air and the shapes you might draw with a pencil on a sheet of paper. The latter retains a permanent imprint of the former positions of the dot, whereas when we draw our shape in the air attention is focused on merely the current position of the dot. Could it be that the “forward” momentum of Time and the notion of Past, Present, and Future is actually an illusion? Might Time actually be a repeating series of Nows giving merely the mental mirage of temporal movement? 

Continuing our thought experiment let’s introduce the fifth dimension. 5D affects the two spatial dimensions. Instead of only allowing a pseudo-backwards movement in our 1D and 3D Spaces our fifth dimension allows for true backward spatial movement. What’s more, from a temporal perspective 5D should also allow for forward and backward movement within Time. However, this is not what we experience in reality. Why not?

To impact upon a particular dimension, we must exist and operate from a higher dimension. To have an influence on a 1D static dot we must work from a 2D perspective. To affect change in an otherwise static 3D plane we must come at it from the fourth dimension. Thus, we may think of the 1D/2D and 3D/4D pairs as evidence of a yet higher dimension able to effect change. This may be thought of as our Higher Self working from the vantage point of a fifth dimension. 5D allows for true backwards movement not just spatially but also temporally, time travel if you will! However, to experience the temporal aspect we would need to be coming at 5D from a 6D vantage point. 

As 5D beings, we are limited to four-dimensional Space-Time. Our true nature is not only that of Space travellers but Time travellers also, but true forward-backwards travel only exists from the perspective of the sixth dimension. Our experience is four-dimensional, or as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called us, “spiritual beings having a human experience.” Our 5D Higher Self exists in a Spiritual reality where direction, both in action and thought, are two-way. Nevertheless, as 5D beings having a 4D experience, our experience of Space-Time is purely forward-moving.

To experience the fifth dimension in all its fullness would require a sixth-dimensional observer. Let’s assume for a moment that this 6D observer is the Ultimate Being and there are no dimensions beyond the sixth. This 6D Source would be able to experience dynamic change within Space-Time on any plane and in any direction. When all is said and done, our experience of the fourth dimension as 5D entities depends entirely on the existence of a 6D observer or what we might call a “container dimension”. As the apostle Paul said in Acts chapter 17, “‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’”

But it needn’t stop there. What if our 6D observer were not the limit of things? What if the sixth-dimensional entity responsible for our existence was itself the product of a higher dimension? Could it be that 6D relates to the elohim or “gods” of Genesis chapter 1 that are accredited with creating us? Could it be that the elohim themselves were the creation of a Higher Being? And what’s to say that even a seventh dimension is the Ultimate? What if there is an eighth, ninth, tenth dimension and so on, like the ancient Earth concept of “turtles all the way down”? 

Just as our initial 1D dot required a sheet of paper to exist within, each subsequent dimension requires a higher dimensional container in order to “move” and have “being”. This could go on for infinity. Or it could double back on itself like the Hindu notion of the serpent eating its own tail. So, it seems that dimensionality does indeed explain levels of Spiritual existence above the physical, and the Ultimate Reality of Source may, in fact, exist within infinite fractal instances of itself.

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