Spooky doll

Sentient Doll

   Dream Journal

MY DAD ASKED ME TO CONDUCT the Tuesday evening book study group which was being held at somebody’s home. When I arrived I suddenly remembered I was disfellowshipped so I took my dad and another brother called David, not an elder, to one side and reminded them. The book study went ahead with David conducting it, but partway through he split the group into two and sent me into another room with the second group. We all just sat there in the room because there was no one to conduct it. I spent my time painting the fireplace. I had a robotic baby doll with me called Amy. It attained sentience.

I was on the ministry and called at a house for a second time. Previously I’d spoken to a man but this time my partner and I met his wife. She told me she thought her prayers were being answered because she was now praying to Jehovah. As we left we saw a pile of Watchtower publications stacked under a tree in her garden. We noted that they seemed unaffected by the weather.