One universe

Source Consciousness and the Oneness Principle


I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, this underlying conscious “being-ness” that exists on a spiritual, non-temporal, eternal plane. It’s like all thoughts exist at once. Every thought that ever has been, or that ever will be on a temporal level, exists there in one, timeless, singularity. These thoughts are also experienced by Source temporally, sequentially, through the billions of people who have ever lived, that are alive now, and that will ever live. Limitless thoughts and ideas, frequencies going out into indefinite time and space.

Then I got to thinking if all humans are fragmented instances of this same Source Consciousness, why do we have this sense of “us and them”? Why do we hurt each other, or argue that we are right and others are wrong? Why do we worry about ourselves, sometimes to the exclusion of others? It’s almost as there is a spiritual feedback loop where we don’t realize that we’re all One. We become locked into our immediate temporal thoughts like we have some kind of amnesia, not knowing our true self is higher than this temporal existence and our personal egos. Then our thoughts obsess about self. We worry so much about our own self-preservation, our reputation,  our feelings, and about being right, instead of realizing that other people, outside of us, are us, that we are all instances of Source Consciousness, existing, experiencing itself, through us.

If I were you, or you were me, I don’t think we would feel any different. We’d still feel like ourselves. Our personal experiences might make us feel more or less confident. Maybe we would have more or less self-esteem, or view things from a different perspective. But fundamentally, at our core, we would still feel we were the same person, just in a different body experiencing a different life. When we return to Source, when our experiences return to Source, we will, I’m sure, find ourselves to be the same person we always were and more. We will find we are everyone who exists, or whoever has existed, or ever will exist.

At that point, we’ll realise there is no need to be selfish or worry about self-preservation. If we just love each other and care for other people, and let them love and care for us in return, that is the better way. It’s the way the spiritual Masters—Jesus, Buddha, and others—have taught from time indefinite. We are One. The “I Am”. There is only One, the Whole, and that is me, and you, and everyone.

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