Rocket spaceship


   Dream Journal

I WAS AT HOME IN MY LIVING ROOM. My (now ex) wife’s parents were sitting on my sofa. As I looked out of my rear window I saw a SpaceX rocket returning to touchdown. All of a sudden it lost control, flew over the top of my house, and crashed into the street at the front. I saw a flash of light through my front window and realised there was going to be a devastating explosion. I shouted, “Get down!” and threw myself to the floor just as the rocket exploded. The widows of my house blew out and large shards of glass pounded my body, but somehow I survived. So did my in-laws.

I ran into the street and saw that the rocket had crashed into the roof of a neighbour’s house. I raced to the site of the accident to see if everyone was okay. As I arrived, I saw a teenage girl laying on the ground. She had an arterial bleed from her thigh. My father-in-law arrived soon after me and I began giving him first aid instructions. I told him to get some cloth and make a tourniquet. He ripped up a shirt and tied it around the girl’s leg, but the material ripped. Frustrated, I ran back to my house and got a large orange first aid box with three tourniquets in it. I tied a tourniquet around the girl’s thigh and then did the same for another girl who was bleeding to death.

Next, I rang for an ambulance but they were too busy to come out to us. I spotted a fire station across the street and ran towards it shouting “Firemen! Firemen!” One of the firemen saw me and agreed to take the two girls to the hospital in his fire truck.

Then I then found myself in a Kingdom Hall with lots of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was speaking negatively about their cult. They weren’t happy and began singing a kingdom song to drown me out. As they sang, I saw another girl laying on the floor bleeding to death. I applied a tourniquet to her leg and saved her life too.