Man packing a suitcase

Staying With Friends

   Dream Journal

I WAS WITH MY (NOW EX) WIFE AND CHILDREN. We had been staying with our friends, Dave and Bec. I was packing because we’d decided to return home the night before our scheduled leave. I was going around the house looking for things that belonged to us and packing them. I was packing lots of pottery, mugs, coffee pots, and even a dirty grill which leaked grease all over my luggage.

Then the friends we were staying with became different friends, David and Janet. They had just arrived home from their holiday. We’d been house sitting and I suggested we all have a takeaway together before we hit the road. Meanwhile, their son, Paul, had been stabbing me with a pen and I’d thrown him across the room to stop it. He was now sulking in his bedroom.

My wife told me she’d failed an exam about commercial shipping. I’d taken the same exam earlier and passed, except when we compared notes we realised the answers to the questions had been changed to ensure failure.