Wake up!

My Ex-Wife Finally Woke Up!


Transcript of OnionUnlimited podcast episode 053 HELLO AND WELCOME TO ONIONUNLIMITED THE PODCAST—I’m your host, Daniel Torridon. Well, what a strange week it’s been. I still can’t believe what I’m about to tell you is true, but here we go.

Parental alienation

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Parental Alienation


Transcript of OnionUnlimited podcast episode 050 HELLO AND WELCOME TO EPISODE 50 OF ONIONUNLIMITED—THE PODCAST. I’m your host, Daniel Torridon and in this episode, I am going to discuss my personal experience of parental alienation and child abandonment at the hands


Why I Started a Podcast


WHY DID I START THE ONIONUNLIMITED PODCAST? Well, it’s simple really. I have a story to tell, and I think it will benefit others. It’s a story of religion and abuse. Sadly, for so many people, those two things seem