Solipsism—Do Others Exist?


SOLIPSISM IS A PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPT that considers the nature of self-awareness and reality, in particular the existence of other conscious minds. The term comes from the Latin words “solus” (alone) and “ipse” (self). Solipsism posits that only your own mind

Kundalini awakening

The Serpent Awakens—Kundalini and Spiritual Ascension


HAVE YOU EVER FELT THINGS SUDDENLY “CLICK”? Everything falls into place—a moment when it all makes sense? This mental clarity may be the start of a spiritual awakening that sets you on a path of ascension leading to spiritual enlightenment.

Monkey man

Source and the Human Experience


AS A JEHOVAH’S WITNESS, I used to believe in a fairly standard version of “God”, at least to begin with. God was a “he”, the “ancient of days”, an old guy with a white beard sitting on a throne, a


Who Am I?—A Journey of Self-Awareness


Transcript of OnionUnlimited podcast episode 037 HELLO AND WELCOME TO EPISODE 37 OF ONIONUNLIMITED—THE PODCAST. I’m your host, Daniel Torridon. So, I’m going to talk a bit about consciousness this time, in particular my own consciousness and the way that