What Watchtower Wrote—Recreation & Vacations


“Well, consider the kind of games that are played. Some are based on sports, but most are not. ‘The ultimate object of virtually all video games,’ says the magazine Natural History, ‘is survival. In the space games you must shoot


What Watchtower Wrote—Organisational Dependency


“Beware of ‘organisation’. It is wholly unnecessary.” — Watchtower September 15, 1895 p.1866 “If he… goes to the Bible alone… within two years he goes into darkness. On the other hand… if he had merely read the [Watch Tower publications]…


What Watchtower Wrote—Apostasy


“We can take action against apostates only to a certain extent… The law of the land… forbid[s] us to kill apostates, even though they be members of our own flesh-and-blood family relationship.” — Watchtower November 15, 1952 p.703 Q. And


What Watchtower Wrote—Disfellowshipping & Shunning


“This is ‘canon law’ which the Roman Catholic Hierarchy seeks to enforce on the pretext that it is God’s law. The authority for excommunication, they claim, is based on the teaching of Christ and the apostles as found in the

Thought control

What Watchtower Wrote—Thought Control & Obedience


Q. Unity at all costs? A. Unity at all costs… Q. And unity based on an enforced acceptance of false prophecy? A. That is conceded to be true. Q. And [the disfellowshipped person…] would be worthy of death? A. I


What Watchtower Wrote—Withholding Information


“If the wolfish foes draw wrong conclusions from our maneuvers to outwit them, no harm has been done… Such outwitting of oppressors of the sheep is not a failure to ‘render therefore unto Cæsar the things that are Cæsar’s’” —


What Watchtower Wrote—Cults & Brainwashing


“[They] seek to fill our minds with the thoughts and promises of men… [they] brainwash everyone into conformity… rinsing from the mind any thoughts that contradict their message. If they can deluge the mind continually other thoughts… will be crowded


What Watchtower Wrote—Challenging Falsehood


“When persons are in great danger from a source that they do not suspect or are being misled by those they consider their friends, is it an unkindness to warn them? They may prefer not to believe the warning. They


What Watchtower Wrote—Changing Your Religion


“Most stay with the religion in which they were reared, very often being afraid to make a change even if dissatisfied… The person who makes a change may become the object of popular hatred…” — Watchtower May 15, 1959 p.


What Watchtower Wrote—1975


“…six thousand years… will end in 1975… and the seventh period… will begin in the fall of 1975… It would not be by mere chance… for the [millennial] reign of Jesus Christ… to run parallel with… the seventh millennium…” —

Judge Rutherford

What Watchtower Wrote—1925


“Since other Scriptures definitely fix the fact that there will be a resurrection of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and other faithful ones of old, and that these will have the first favor, we may expect 1925 to witness the return of

Chart of the Ages

What Watchtower Wrote—1914


“The year AD 1878… clearly marks the time for the… assuming of power as King of kings” — The Time Is At Hand, 1911 p. 239 “Proof conclusive that millions now living will never die… the old world ended and began