Watch Tower Publications With Links to Freemasonry?


IT WAS IN 2004 THAT I FIRST READ Charles Taze Russell’s Studies in the Scriptures and saw how his predictions for 1914 were not only based on “the seven times” of Daniel chapter 4 (assumed to be the same as


The Development of Watch Tower Chronology


THIS IS MY BEST ATTEMPT AT TRACING THE ORIGINS of Watch Tower’s end-time predictions. Please note, this may be subject to change. Pinning down what dates Watch Tower has published is difficult because there have been so many flip-flops over

The Truth that Set Me Free

The Truth That Set Me Free—From Anointed Jehovah’s Witness to Apostate


I WAS IN MY LATE TWENTIES when I began engaging in some really deep Bible study. I’d even read the entire Bible in 49 days! As I did I noticed a number of things that didn’t seem to fit with