I Am the Universe

Source and Nirguna Brahman


Q. Is Source a personality or just a collection of potentials? If it has a personality and the ability to stop evil, then I think Source is either indifferent or cruel! A. The “Source” you speak of is, I believe,

Space-Time Infinity

Rethinking Space-Time


THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAME TO ME IN A DREAM. It suggests a way we might rethink our current notion of Space and Time, in particular the dimensionality of Space-Time. Currently, we speak of Space as having three dimensions with Time

5D Consciousness

My Shift to 5D Consciousness


SCIENTISTS TALK ABOUT THE UNIVERSE as having additional dimensions beyond the four of Space and Time. Through complex mathematical formulas, they are able to prove their point. This is not something I understand, but I take their word for it.

Twin flames

Source Consciousness and Our Relationships


I BELIEVE IN A SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS—God Consciousness—call it what you will, but it’s a level of existence, of being, that underpins everything. It’s eternal, unchangeable, outside of space and time. It just is, unlike consciousness as we usually experience it.