Bag of blood

The Bag of Blood

   Dream Journal

I WAS WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE in a room with pine panelling and large glass windows. Outside was a grass field. I looked up to the sky and saw lots of military drones flying above us. Then I saw a nuclear mushroom cloud. We ran down to the cellar and I helped some of the people hide behind a large mattress. Then I went outside with one of the group. He got into a hang glider and took off. I was worried he didn’t have a parachute.

I was in a medieval village, jumping from roof to roof. Below me were some baddies chasing me. I was throwing knives at them. Then I reached a roof and saw a collection of unframed watercolour paintings.

I was at my parents’ home. My dad was going out the front door. He had my daughters with him. He was angry and wanted me to go with them but I refused. I said I wanted to stay with my mum. Then my mum fell to the floor and began panicking. She was pointing at her mouth which was open. I realised she couldn’t breathe. I reached into her mouth and pulled her tongue forward. She took a few breaths but then things became weird. My mum’s heart and circulatory system appeared to be outside of her body, laying next to it and not working. I began to press on her heart and as I pumped blood around the arteries and veins I saw they were artificial plastic tubes and her heart was just a plastic bag full of blood. The pipes were leaking blood but I continued pumping. An ambulance arrived and a paramedic took over but the pipes kept popping off the plastic bag. All my mother’s blood drained out and the paramedic declared her dead. I cried.

I ran a very long rope down the length of a road. At one end I set up a trigger that would be activated when a car passed. A car went by and I ran down the road to see what had happened at the other end of the rope. My ex-wife’s younger brother was with me. Half-way down the road he became ill, keeled over, and turned into a foldable ruler. His older brother appeared picked him up. I kept running until I found the end of my rope. I looked up and saw three double decker buses had been released into the sky and were floating away. I found myself at a table with my ex-wife’s parents and my daughter’s. I was getting them to sign some paperwork.