Bank robber

The Bank Job

   Dream Journal

I WAS LIVING WITH MY DAD, MUM, AND SISTER. We were going to be moving house soon so I was tidying our theocratic library, getting rid of duplicates. We had four copies of a book called Salvation, but each was slightly different. I was contemplating whether to keep all four copies or not. My sister kept morphing into my (now ex) wife. She had lots of Watchtower publications in her library which she had marked with a pencil.

I was sitting at a piano with my dad and mum. My mum gave me some sheet music to play. I explained I couldn’t read the music but I could play the guitar chords. The chords were F7, F6, and F9. I just played F major over and over while my dad sang. I looked at the clock. It was 11:50 am. I turned to my dad and said, “I have to leave in 10 minutes but mum hasn’t made me any lunch. This is what she’s like!”

I was in a cottage with a group of bank robbers. We were about to do a robbery. I was wearing a dark blue blazer with gold buttons. I had a huge hunting knife in the inside pocket of my blazer and a pistol in my trouser pocket. The leader of the gang of robbers gave me a smaller gun and a black bag. I decided I would pretend to be paying money into the bank. I found a book of yellow paying-in slips and £50 in £10 notes. 

We walked down the road towards the bank. Then we split up. I turned right immediately before the bank and wandered down a narrow footpath. After a while I looked at my watch. It was 11:20 am. I was twenty minutes late for the robbery! I turned around and ran back to the bank.

I entered the bank and approached a woman behind the counter. I handed her my paying-in book. “I’d like to pay this money in please,” I said.

“This isn’t a paying-in book,” the cashier replied. 

“Oh,” I said nervously, “well, just use the same account number.” 

I looked around the bank and saw one of my fellow robbers at another counter. He was laughing and talking about Jehovah’s Witnesses with the cashier. Just then he pulled his gun and shouted, “Give me all your money!” I took that as my cue to do the same. 

The cashier pushed a few crumpled notes through the serving hatch. “Give me more!” I shouted, pointing my gun through the hatch. I suddenly realised I wasn’t wearing gloves and my fingerprints were all over the counter. The cashier handed me a few more notes and some coins. I estimated there was only about £50 but it would have to do. I fled the bank and ran down the footpath stuffing the money in my bag as I ran.

I met up with my fellow bank robbers. We laughed at how easy the robbery had been and then split up. I flew over the rooftops. After a while I landed on a roof for a rest. I hid under the eaves with my bag of money. Then two men wearing red jackets landed on the roof. They were bank security. “We know you’re under there,” they said, “come on out!” 

I could see they were carrying guns so I replied, “Don’t shoot. I’m coming out!” but before I could surrender the men were shot dead and fell off the roof. 

I hid further under the eaves not knowing what had happened. Then I heard someone land on the roof above me. I saw a woman’s foot wearing a red-soled shoe. It was one of my fellow bank robbers. I made my presence known and crawled out from under the eaves. The woman flew away and I reached for my bag of money, but I found an old umbrella instead. I threw it to the ground and tried again but found another umbrella. Just then, a man came out of the house below. “What are you doing?” he shouted up to me.

“Just cleaning the gutters out,” I replied, at which point I found my bag and flew off over the rooftops. 

After a while I looked down and saw one of the bank robbers getting into a car. I flew down to say hello but he pulled a gun on me. I turned and flew away, not knowing what to do next. My fingerprints were all over the bank and I couldn’t trust my fellow bank robbers. I had nowhere to go.