Pink goo

The Boy Who Turned to Goo

   Dream Journal

I WAS WATCHING SOMEONE CLIMB A LADDER up my next-door neighbour’s house. As they reached the top they lost their footing and fell to the ground. I rushed to the scene to see if they were okay and found a young boy about 11 years old surrounded by people. Someone was doing CPR on him but the boy was still breathing and conscious so I told the person to stop. “I’m a first aid trainer!” I shouted, “We need to keep his head from moving!” I could see that the boy had a partial decapitation. His head was detached from his body but still connected by his spinal cord. I held on to the boy’s head and told someone to call an ambulance. The boy kept moving and I couldn’t keep his head still. By the time the ambulance arrived the boy had turned into a small blob of pink goo. The paramedics accused me of murder but by now there was no body to prove the boy had ever existed. As I was pleading my innocence Noel Edmunds appeared and told me it was all a joke for a new TV show. I was angry and told him it wasn’t funny.

I was in the house I lived in as a teenager. The ceiling was falling in (again). I told my dad we needed to put some Acrow props up to stop the house from collapsing.

Then I was at a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was a vocal apostate and people were actively shunning me. Still, I was cleaning the Kingdom Hall. There was sawdust everywhere and I was sweeping it up with a dustpan and brush. Then I got the vacuum out and started vacuuming the carpet. A young sister came up to me and told me that a group of brothers had been standing around doing nothing. When she confronted them they asked her about her period and made her feel uncomfortable. I approached one of the brothers. He was huge, like a giant. I called him “Big fella” and started to tell him off but he just laughed at me so I went and told the elders. Then I was sorting through a pile of lost and found items. There were the usual books and Bibles but also a pair of pink, high-heeled shoes.