The Control Tower

   Dream Journal

I AM A PASSENGER in my dad’s newly restored Mini Cooper. It’s been vinyl wrapped in red and white and has a really strange steering mechanism, like a kind of steampunk joystick instead of a steering wheel. My dad says he doesn’t like it. 

We arrive at Gamston Airport. My dad hands the Mini over to an old friend of mine called Chris to park. Chris crashes it into a hotdog stand and the vinyl wrap melts and bubbles.

I go to my office. My boss, Dave, is having a psychotic break. He’s sitting at a table in the middle of the room making razor blades out of soda cans. He tapes the blades to his fingers and goes to attack me. I run down the corridor to a colleague’s office, a guy called Ray. Dave chases after me. Ray places Dave in a bearhug and I get away.

I run outside and through the car park towards the control tower. I enter the building through reception and meet Linda, the receptionist. I’ve not seen her for 20 years. She has rainbow coloured hair. I tell her it looks great.

I walk through a door and lock it behind me. I go up some stairs to the control tower. I warn the aircraft controllers that Dave is coming. We look out of the observation window and see Dave running towards the tower. Somehow he manages to get past the locked door. He runs into the control tower and begins slashing people with his finger blades. One of the controllers bleeds out. I call the police and tell them there has been a murder.