The Crater

   Dream Journal

I AM IN THE FRONT GARDEN of my childhood home on Slade Green Road. My friend Matthew is sweeping leaves up. I go outside and help him. There is a wooden shed in the garden. I go inside and see a number of rabbit hutches. I check inside each one. There are a couple of white rabbits and a few chickens. My sister enters the shed and tells me they are hers. She morphs into my oldest daughter. 

I leave the shed and go into the house. A military tank rolls up the street outside and fires on the house. A cannon ball comes through the roof and smashes through the living room ceiling narrowly missing my dad’s hi-fi system. I hide with my youngest daughter in the kitchen pantry as soldiers enter the house. They don’t see us and leave. 

I go into the garden. My dad has dug a massive hole for a fish pond. It’s the size of a crater. I suggest we turn it into an air raid shelter to protect us from the shelling. My dad says he will buy some metal beams and place them over the hole to create a roof. I suggest we tie string across the inside of the hole and use it to support a number of internal paper walls. That way, if the soldiers get in, we can escape easier. My dad says it’s time to leave for field ministry but I tell him I’m not going. I want to get started on the air raid shelter straight away. My mum is there. She’s in a mood and I’m annoyed with her. She doesn’t seem to care if she dies.