Doctor Who

The Doctor

   Dream Journal

I WAS HELPING AN AGED DOCTOR sign a large pile of death certificates. His skin was very grey and he was out of breath. I suspected he was having a heart attack so I tried calling 999 on a rotary phone, but the numbers on the dial kept changing. I went outside and tried calling on my mobile phone but the dial pad was tiny and I kept entering the numbers wrong. I ran to a payphone and called an ambulance from there.

Then, I found myself at the home of a young couple. The woman was the doctor’s daughter. She was upset on account of her father being taken to hospital, so I attempted to console her. The woman’s husband came in and saw us hugging. He became angry and threatened me with a large kitchen knife. I explained there was nothing going on between me and his wife. Then I tried to placate him by explaining the Bible’s “headship principle”. He calmed down and I went to put on my shoes to leave. They were covered in mud, so I left in my socks. It was raining hard. I flew so as not to get my feet wet. The couple’s little girl followed me. I told her to go home. I saw a broken security camera on the ground and flew down to check it out. I arrived home and flew into the driveway where my little girl was cutting grass with a large pair of garden shears.