Field in the dark

The Field

   Dream Journal

I WAS WITH A YOUNG MAN AND WOMAN. They were brother and sister. The young woman appeared to be attracted to me. We were going over to their house to spend some time with their parents. I flew in the air and landed on the top of a very high wall. I was playing my guitar. It slipped out of my hands and fell to the ground below. The young woman drove over my guitar in her car and smashed it to pieces.

I found myself as a passenger in the car. There were other people in the car. As we drove along one of the group told me they had seen my paintings and didn’t like them. They told me a painting called “End Times”, based on Watchtower depictions of Armageddon, was “inappropriate”.

We arrived at the brother and sister’s house. Their father met me and said he disapproved of me. I asked his daughter how old she was. She said she was 22. I told her father it was up to her if she wanted a relationship with me and that if he didn’t approve it was tough!

The evening arrived and we started to get ready for a party. I took a blue shirt from a wardrobe. I had long hair tied in a man bun. I walked around at the party playing my guitar, even though it was broken. Then I found myself in a large corrugated metal shed. There were several pieces of furniture including an IKEA table with two chairs. Ben Affleck arrived and I told him he could take the table and chairs. He asked me how much they cost and I said he could have them for free.

I left the shed and walked through an open field. A helicopter crashed into the ground and burst into flames. Then I came across a plastic Wendy house and lots of outdoor toys scattered around the grass. The sun set and I started to walk home in the dark. I walked through another field and came to a remote house. The homeowners gave me directions to Retford. I climbed over a stile and walked along a footpath but I kept finding myself back at the same spot. Along the way, I was joined by a dog, a kitten, and a chicken. The dog was a labrador with black and gold markings.

Then I met an actor who told me they had worked on Doctor Who. They had also been walking round and round the field for ages. They suggested we walk to the road at the top of the field and follow it to Retford. This we did, and as we walked along in the dark I shone a white torch in front of us. I gave the actor a red torch to shine backwards, but the batteries were flat and it was hardly visible.