The Garden Zoo

   Dream Journal

I AM IN THE GARDEN WITH MY SON. There are several wooden sheds in the garden and there are lots of items strewn around the garden including piles of old deckchairs and an antique mahogany desk. My son has been using the desk as a workbench and the surface is all messed up. I take it for myself. I plan to stain and varnish it and keep it in my bedroom to write at. I give my son a folding table from Costco to do his work at.

I go indoors for a while. When I return to the garden I see a load of chickens and monkeys in cages. One of the monkeys has been eaten by a chicken. I’m upset and go back indoors. I come outside again later and find the entire garden is full of cages. There are ducks, pigs, tigers, and even elephants! I confront my son who says a friend needed to get rid of them, so he said we would take them. The garden has turned into a muddy mess. Some of the “cages” are just makeshift pens made from patio umbrellas and chicken wire.

I am worried some of the animals are illegal. I go indoors and fall asleep on the sofa. When I wake up there is a man in the room with me. I don’t know who he is. He is a down-to-earth fellow in a white vest. He takes me outside and shows me that all the animals have gone. He tells me he got a friend in Essex to take them away. He’s even built a new garden fence for me. I ask him how much I owe him and he says, “Nothing.” He says the animals have gone to a zoo where there are eight times as many animals. People can visit the zoo and take home any animals they want to keep as pets. He confirms that all the animals were legal and I have nothing to worry about.