Giant's face

The Giants

   Dream Journal

I WAS IN A COUNCIL HOUSE with my (now ex) wife and our children. A journalist had come to interview me about my creativity. I played my guitar to him and he was blown away. After he left, I sat my wife and her mother down at a table. I told them I had never liked them or my father-in-law and that I thought they were unspiritual and judgemental.

I found myself walking through the countryside. My wife and her parents were following silently behind. It felt good to have told them what I honestly thought about them. I felt free and very spiritual. Everything seemed more colourful. I stopped to take a photograph of the scenery.

We passed a row of antique bookshops with dirty windows. Then we walked through the backyard of an old cottage. I saw a pile of Watchtower bound volumes laying abandoned on the ground. We continued walking through a number of large glass conservatories. As we reached the last one I tried the door to the adjoining house and found it was open. 

At that moment two giants appeared. They were ugly and wearing dirty clothes but I was unafraid. I asked if we could go into the house and they agreed. The house was huge and very old. There were a number of pianos placed around the room. I began to play one. One of the giants asked us to stay for a meal. As I looked at him he appeared less ugly. I shook his hand and hugged him. I told him that my wife and her parents would stay but that I had to leave. 

The giant served up mashed potatoes and my father-in-law said a prayer. I left and began to walk home on my own. I was wearing an old, grey, woolen overcoat and carrying a large Bible. I had a few coins in my pocket and thought, “I’ll catch a bus.”