Space beam

The Gods

   Dream Journal

I HAD JUST MOVED INTO A MASSIVE HOUSE. It was full of furniture belonging to the previous owners. I was under the impression they were coming back to collect their possessions but they never returned. The rooms were huge, with very tall ceilings. There were lots of light fittings with many many switches on the walls. It was difficult to know which switch was related to which light. My mum was there. I was telling her I was going to knock down some of the walls and remove a couple of staircases. Then I was going to build a really long dining table. There was a corridor running across the front of the house. It contained lots of doors which served no purpose. I decided I would remove the corridor and make the kitchen open plan.

I took a trip out with my dad in his “car” that was actually a small aeroplane with no wings. He had built it himself. It had four seats but was really hard to get into. We stopped for a while and I began to rip the aeroplane apart. I realised then that it was only a two-seater aircraft. I stacked all the parts up on the side of the road. Then it started raining heavily. The street began to flood and the aircraft parts were washed away into a lake surrounded by council houses. Meanwhile, my dad was off buying more parts to build a new car-cum-aeroplane. He came back with a fuselage and a large piece of glass to build a cockpit. I was worried his contraption would be unsafe and we would end up dying in it so I walked home.

I found myself in a Kingdom Hall full of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was disfellowshipped and the congregation was shunning me. I was upset because they thought I was “spiritistic”. I left the Kingdom Hall and looked up at the sky. The clouds parted and a group of spirit beings appeared in a beam of light above me. They lifted me up from the ground. I asked them if they were gods and they said they were. I asked who Yahweh was and they told me he was one of them, but not “The Ultimate”. I looked around and could see people being beamed up from the earth into heaven. I wanted to be taken to heaven too but the gods told me that Yahweh didn’t want me so I would be left behind. They lowered me to the ground and disappeared into the clouds, but they gave me the ability to fly. I flew back to the Kingdom Hall and Jehovah’s Witnesses were amazed.