Green armchair

The Green Armchair

   Dream Journal

I AM WORKING AT GAMSTON AIRPORT. An aircraft crashes into the taxiway. I rush to help. The pilot is dying. I call 999. An ambulance arrives but the paramedics refuse to assist the dying man. They say he is an abuser. Despite their allegations, I try to save the man. I perform CPR. The man stinks of cigarettes. Try as I might to rescue him, the man dies. I go to my office on the first floor. The hangar below is being renovated. A large wooden platform is being built to house my new office.

Suddenly I am young and back at school. It is the end of the day and I’m flying home on a green armchair. I give a young boy a ride home. We fly very high over the countryside and the boy gets scared. We land in a field. There is a hole in the grass leading to a large underground cistern. Inside, there are lots of cool things that have been discarded—Spiderman action figures large and small, Thunderbirds rockets, lots of Rupert and Trigger teddy bears and even trays of chocolate cake.

My sister arrives and we start to clear the cistern out. She turns it into a bedroom with a carpet and two beds. My sister nips out for a while. When she returns she looks worried. She says a man from the council saw her coming out of the hole in the ground and asked her what she was doing. She told him it was her wardrobe but he didn’t believe her. We know we will be turned out of the cistern so we start to pack our things up. I have a large blue Adidas bag. I pack some Rupert and Trigger teddy bears and a small brown leather portfolio which I say is “for the ministry.” I also take a pile of blue blankets “for the group.” We leave the cistern and fly away on my green armchair.