Man in red and white striped T-shirt

The Man in the Red and White Striped T-Shirt

   Dream Journal

I SAW AN INDIAN MAN STANDING ON A STREET CORNER. He had put a load of kittens in a bucket outside my dad’s shop and then walked away. The kittens escaped from the bucket and ran into the shop. It was a massive single-storey building like a warehouse, full of second-hand furniture. The kittens were everywhere. I ran around the shop picking up kittens and putting them in boxes but they kept escaping. In the end, I put them in a huge dustbin they couldn’t jump out of.

Then I was driving a car. In front of me was another car which I was controlling remotely. As I drove down a hill I lost control of the car in front and it careered off the road, narrowly missing a parked car. I carried on driving for a while before pulling over at the bottom of the hill. I saw a man dressed in a red and white striped T-shirt acting suspiciously. I ran back up the hill to see if I had caused any damage to the parked car. My little girl was with me but I lost her on the way. When I arrived at the parked car—a blue Vauxhall Cavalier—there was a crowd of people standing around it. They pointed at me and started accusing me of scratching the car. I could see there was a big scratch down one side of the car, but it wasn’t from my remote-controlled car hitting it. Nevertheless, I decided to find the owner of the car and let him know what had happened.

I saw what looked like a community hall with a wedding reception taking place inside. I guessed the owner of the Vauxhall was one of the guests so I headed towards the hall. As I did, I looked back and saw the suspicious man in the red and white T-shirt. He was trying to break into the car! Just then, the owner came outside. I told him someone was trying to steal his car. We ran back to the vehicle together but when we got there the man was gone.

I got into the passenger seat of the car and it began to roll backwards down the hill. The owner ran alongside shouting to me to pull the handbrake up. I tried, but it wasn’t working. Then I tried to lean across and press the foot brake down with my hand but I was wearing large padded gloves which prevented me from reaching it. Fortunately, the car didn’t crash into anything and it came to a stop at the bottom of the hill.

We started walking back up the hill to the wedding venue. Along the way, I found my daughter in a bush. The owner of the Vauxhall asked for my insurance details in case I had damaged his car but I told him I wouldn’t give them to him. We started looking for the man in the red and white striped T-shirt. It was getting dark. I flew high above the street shining a torch down but we couldn’t find him. We returned to the wedding venue. I went up to a woman and told her I liked pasta.

Then I was a teacher in a school classroom. My pupils arrived and started to build remote-controlled cars out of Lego. One of the Lego kits had parts missing. It was useless so I dumped all the parts into a massive bucket of random Lego pieces. All around the classroom, there were massive TV screens playing YouTube videos.