Creepy house

The Old House

   Dream Journal

I AM IN THE LOUNGE OF AN OLD HOUSE. My dad is painting over the patterned wallpaper with pink paint. I walk around the house. It’s run down with bare walls and floorboards. Everywhere I go I see my dad has started decorating but not finished.

The house is like a rabbit warren with lots of corridors and rooms within rooms. I find myself in a room that my daughters have been sleeping in. There are multiple beds and lots of books in nooks and crannies. I remove a huge sheet of plasterboard from a wall to reveal a large hole. There is a howling gale outside and the wind rushes in.

I see a door. I don’t know where it leads to. It feels weird, as if the room behind is possessed by demons. I open the door and walk in through it. The room is dark but I can just make out a mattress on the floor. Just then, a small child comes screaming out of the darkness. She has been there for years. She has long hair and nails and looks like an animal. Then a pack of wolves rush in and attack me. One bites down on my arm but I manage to get free.

I see a shelf piled high with old books. Next to it is a small door in the wall. I open it and see some writing on the inside of the door. It reads, “My children, I love you.” I feel a large insect on my back under my clothing. I rub my back against the wall and hear the insect crunch.

A creepy man and woman appear from nowhere. They take me and my ex-wife for a walk down a series of corridors. We get split up and find ourselves in two different timelines. I realise we will lose each other if I don’t do something so I double back to her timeline.