Party food

The Party

   Dream Journal

I WAS WITH A GROUP OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. They seemed to know something I didn’t—something traumatic that had happened in my past. I started to remember, just feelings at first, and then vague details. One of the Witnesses, an elderly “brother”, seemed intent on stopping me from remembering. I sensed that he had been involved in whatever had happened. There were two “sisters” there. They told me they knew what had happened in the past and said they had always believed in me.

Then I found myself back at home with my (now ex) wife and children. We were living in a small cottage with ornate wallpaper on the walls. My wife had taken over the house with her stuff. There were ornaments and books everywhere. I went to my office at the end of the garden but it was also full of her belongings. I came back indoors and noticed my wife had shaved her head. I asked her, “Do you think we will stay together long term?”

“I don’t know,” she replied.

I paused for a moment and then said, “I’ve got Mariella now.”

Then I found myself in a community hall. I had organised a party for all the children in the congregation. One of the games was a car race. My oldest son was racing a radio-controlled car. I was pushing a tiny yellow digger. I won the race but then a brother came and told me I had been disqualified because I was too old to be playing with toy cars. I was annoyed because I had paid for all the food. “I won’t be doing this again!” I said. Then I dropped my little digger and couldn’t find it.