The Pianos

   Dream Journal

I WAS IN THE LIVING ROOM of a house I used to own. An old friend, Julie, was loosening the low E string on my guitar to demonstrate something. I told her to stop. “Boundaries!” I said. She then played a tune on my guitar and I played along on a piano.

The house became my dad and mum’s. I was browsing my dad’s record collection. I kept finding records that were mine and claiming them. I found Paul McCartney’s Give My Regards to Broad Street and said it was mine. I put a record on the record player. It was me singing one of my compositions.

A group of Jehovah’s Witnesses arrived. They had a meeting. At the end, my dad said a prayer. I wasn’t allowed to pray because I wasn’t qualified. Instead, I was asked to play a kingdom song. I played song number 13, Christian Dedication, on one of the many pianos around the room.

The living room was ornately decorated in the baroque style. Many of the pianos were baroque style too—lots of blue and pink—really quite ugly! Most of the pianos were broken and wouldn’t play properly. A Witness pointed out that the strings on one of the pianos had been welded together and that there was a danger of the piano harp exploding if the strings snapped. I went around the room playing different tunes on the various pianos to determine which ones were any good. I grouped the bad ones together for selling or breaking up. Two guys, one who looked like Oliver Hardy, came to view the pianos but they didn’t want to buy any of them. I cleared enough space to put a beautiful, white, grand piano in one corner of the room.