The Pickpocket

   Dream Journal

I WAS WALKING DOWN A COUNTRY LANE. To my left was a field full of mannequins arranged like scarecrows. One was moving. As I continued walking, I came across a man with a mustache standing in the road. We swapped pleasantries and hugged each other. I then realised he was a pickpocket and had stolen my wallet and mobile phone. I called him out and he laughed, telling me it was a joke—he had placed my wallet and phone in the hood of my coat. I felt my hood and, sure enough, I could feel the wallet and phone were there. We laughed and the man left. Then I realised my wallet was empty and the phone wasn’t mine, but an old one of no value. I ran back up the country lane, but the man had vanished. What was previously a field of mannequins was now a river. Floating on the water were hundreds of Watchtower publications. As I looked closer I also saw the river was full of wallets, credit cards, and driving licences that the pickpocket had stolen and thrown into the water. Then, I saw my driving licence floating by and scooped it out of the river.

I was at the top of a snowy mountain, dressed in red mountain climbing gear. I was practicing boiling water using solid fuel tablets. Then I found myself at the home of a Jehovah’s Witness called Frank, still dressed in my mountaineering clothing with a large blue and red backpack. Lots of Jehovah’s Witnesses turned up for a meeting before going out preaching. They arrived in dozens of white cars, and the neighbours were annoyed. After the meeting, everyone just stood around. I decided to leave and go preaching to mountain climbers.

I was working at Gamston Airport. My office was huge, with pine panelling, and it was completely empty. I had not been paid for several months. I walked across the airport to another building full of accountants and board members. I shouted at one of them and he gave me a cheque for £2500.

I was living at home with my dad and mum. In the garden was a massive, blue shed, many times larger than our house. It was more like a warehouse, with a concrete floor and high ceilings. A small area near the door had a raised wooden floor and partition walls. I told my dad it would make a great picture framing workshop while the rest of the shed would be good for storing his stock of wooden mouldings, glass etc. Then I realised the shed was actually subterranean, located underneath our house! As I looked at the ceiling of the shed I could see that it was starting to collapse under the weight of the house above.

I was a passenger in a coach driving home. As we drove along I was soldering strips of blue LED lights together. There was a wardrobe on the coach. I picked out what I was going to wear to the next Kingdom Hall meeting—a bright yellow dress, decorated with the blue LED lights! Then, I was at an Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The walls and floors were made of multi-coloured, painted, ceramic balls. I was flying over the seats in the auditorium.