Funeral cars

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King!

   Dream Journal

I WAS DRIVING A CAR. I drove into a large house, like a mansion. A woman was there. She clearly had the hots for me. She was married to a really old guy. There was a load of old men in the living room. They were all playing musical instruments. One was playing a very ornamental wooden organ. He told me he had built it himself, but I didn’t believe him.

Then I found myself in the library with a friend, not sure who. We were gluing different spines onto the old books. I felt we weren’t supposed to be there, and what we were doing was wrong. Suddenly, we were found out so we left the mansion in a hurry.

There was a funeral passing by. The Queen had died. Prince Charles was now the King. I flew to the top of the outside of the building, looking for a way to escape. I was searching for my car which I had parked somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where.

My shoe, a brown brogue, fell off. I flew down and picked it up. Then I saw my car. I got in and sped away. The car was out of control. I couldn’t stop it. There were others in the car, including my sister. I finally got the car to stop.

I was walking down the street with a client. I was a money lender. I’d lent him £100 and was asking for £135 back in a week. If he didn’t pay now he would owe me £35 a week interest.

I then found myself back in the car in the rear seat with my ex-wife’s best friend. No one was in the front. The car was rolling backward. I jumped into the front and pulled on the handbrake.

Then I was in my childhood bedroom. I was redecorating it. I had built some shelves and was arranging all my childhood possessions on them. I was asking my mum if I could repaper my walls, hang new curtains (which were actually old, orange ones) and if she would pay for a new carpet. She said yes.

I looked out of my bedroom window. My dad had just arrived home. He was driving an articulated lorry. We had dozens of cars and trucks in our front drive. My Nissan Micra was parked on the pavement outside our house. Two men turned up at the door to collect some chicken wire.

My sister was there, except she wasn’t my sister. She seemed to be my girlfriend. Then we found ourselves at a Kingdom Hall meeting. She was ill. She passed out and I held her in my arms.