Record player

The Record Player

   Dream Journal

I WAS IN THE HOUSE I LIVED IN AS A TEENAGER, except it was no longer my dad and mum’s house. It now belonged to my sister and her husband. The house was really run down. The front-facing wall had collapsed and you could see into the rooms from outside. Inside, the house was dark and dingy and looked like it hadn’t been decorated since the 1940s.

I was in the living room. There was a record player next to an open fireplace. I took a record out of its sleeve and noticed it had been cut with snips. It was unplayable so I went to the dining room at the rear of the house. There was another record player there. I tried to play another record but it had also been cut. One record was massive, much bigger than 12 inches, and when I tried to put it on the record player it went floppy. Just then, my brother-in-law’s parents arrived and started complaining about the condition of the records.