The Tickets

   Dream Journal

I AM AT A CONVENTION OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES. There is a girl who wants to be my girlfriend but I turn her down for another. The convention starts and I ask my new girlfriend to sit with me high up in the stands. We sit down together but then I leave her and go and sit on the edge of the grass playing field. I have a cardboard box with me. It snows. I see a small child. I take a number of plastic toy trucks out of my box and give them to him. 

I pick up my box and go to return to my girlfriend. Along the way my box grows in size and becomes unwieldy. An Indian security guard tries to stop me. The box collapses under its own weight and knocks him over. More security guards arrive and apprehend me. They ask to see my ticket. I show it to them and they accuse me of gaining access to the convention with a ticket intended for the blind. I tell them that an elder I don’t like gave me my ticket. We track him down in the convention admin department and find he also has a ticket for the blind. He tries to explain it was okay for him to get tickets for the blind because a certain verse in the Bible says he is entitled. The security guards ask me what I think. I read the verse and tell them he is twisting the scriptures for his own benefit. The guards arrest him and let me go.

I fly up to my girlfriend in the stands. My daughter’s teddy bear is floating away on a string attached to a red balloon. I catch it and return it to her. Then I go to sit next to my girlfriend but her grandad sits in between us. The last song begins. Everyone in the stand is deaf. They can’t hear the music and start shouting for the loop system to be turned on. I start mouthing the words so they can read my lips and sing along. The song ends and the prayer begins but halfway through, the convention staff turn the PA system off and take it away.

It’s time to leave. I hold my girlfriend in my arms and fly over the city. She morphs into a baby. I am scared of dropping her. There are lots of rivers running through the city below. Occasionally I stop flying for a breath and land next to a river, usually perching on a narrow wall. It’s snowing still and I’m worried we will slip off the wall into the icy water below. Then my girlfriend-cum-baby morphs into a kitten and escapes my hold. I chase after her and catch her but now there are three kittens. I round them up and put them in a black vintage car. The car lifts up into the air and we fly home.