Watch Tower Publications With Links to Freemasonry?


IT WAS IN 2004 THAT I FIRST READ Charles Taze Russell’s Studies in the Scriptures and saw how his predictions for 1914 were not only based on “the seven times” of Daniel chapter 4 (assumed to be the same as the “gentile times” or “appointed times of the nations” of Luke 21) but also on Egyptian pyramidology.

The book Divine Plan of the Ages had a pull-out section inside the front cover with a diagram of several pyramids called “Chart of the Ages”.

Divine Plan of the Ages—Watch Tower Publications With Links to Freemasonry?

I was also intrigued to find that the covers of the Studies in the Scriptures books I had in my collection each bore a gilded emblem of the Egyptian “Wings of Ra”, based on Russell’s interpretation of Malachi 4:2 which referred to “the Sun of righteousness [arising] with healing in his wings”. It all felt very Freemason-like.

What do you think? Did (or does) the Watch Tower organisation have links to Freemasonry?

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